Job Roles & Responsibilities


A Family may decide to employ a nanny to come in their home and provide care for their child/children. A nanny will look after children ages from infancy up to their teenage years where they will transition into a Nanny/PA role. A nanny may follow on from a maternity nurse from 4-6months or she will work as a maternity nanny from birth onwards. Employing a nanny with a foreign language from early on will ensure your child will benefit from full language immersion which will result in being bilingual. A manny will have the same duties as a nanny. A nanny could work on a rotation schedule, live in, sharing a room with child/children or sleep in a separate room/accommodation. A nanny can expect a salary from £700-£1400/ week net depending on experience and qualifications.

Nannies are responsible for full nursery-duties, which include but are not limited to:

  • Taking exceptional care of baby/child (feeding, bathing, changing, dressing etc)
  • Waking up and putting to sleep
  • Tidying the child’s area (room, wardrobe, eating station, toys)
  • Sterilizing child’s belongings (bottles, toys etc.)
  • Playing with and making sure child is stimulated
  • Preparing nutritionally age appropriate meals (includes weaning)
  • Potty/Toilet training
  • Implementing good sleeping habits
  • Childs laundry
  • Preparing and scheduling a child’s day (daily walks, activities, play groups etc.)
  • Keeping a diary for appointments (doctor, dentist, nursery, play dates)
  • Taking children to and from appointments


A Governess will usually work with school aged children or from 3 years onwards and will usually have a broader remit that involves caring for the health, safety and general well-being of the children. Most governesses/governors will come from a teaching background and will hold formal higher qualifications such as an Ed.D or equivalent , She may be responsible for encouraging their social skills and guiding their development in every other way.

A governess/governor will have full responsibility for overseeing both the formal and informal education of the children in her care (usually aged three to 16). As well as tutoring in all aspects of the curriculum, a governess will also help with the social and cultural development of the child, encourage self-awareness and creativity and promote good manners and etiquette and In addition, they will usually be able to offer other specialist skills, for example they may be qualified to teach a new a language, a musical instrument, chess or a sport.

 A governess acts as a positive role model and can be expected to travel with the family accompanying the child/children on outings, holidays and do activities together.

A nanny and a governess are not exclusive to each other and many parents actually hire both in conjunction with each other, while others will simply just hire a governess

A governess can usually be expected to work from 8-12 hours/ day  5 days a week or on rotation of ½ weeks on and 1/2weeks off. The salary of a governess is £800-£1400/ week net depending on qualifications and experience.

Duties of a governess/governor include but are not limited to:

  • Liaising with Tutors/ schools, parents and nannies regarding the development of child/children
  • Supervising and helping with homework
  • Caring for the child’s educational, social and developmental needs
  • Supplement or replace school education 
  • Taking children to and from school/activities/appointments
  • Organize educational activities 
  • Book appointments/tutors and keep up to schedule with school activities
  • Teach etiquette and promote good manners and behavior 
  • Teach a new language, sport, art, music etc.
  • Taking care of the wellbeing of child/children

Norland Nanny

A Norland Nanny is a Nanny formally educated from the prestigious Norland College in Bath, UK. A Norland nanny would hold an award winning BA (Hons) early years degree with integrated diploma. The degree runs for 4 years so you can be sure that you’ll have the ultimate Royal Nanny to care for your little prince or princess just like Prince William and Kate Middleton chose their nannies from Norland College.

A norland nanny can be expected to work as the same schedule as any nanny and they may be required to travel with the family. A salary is expected of £800-
£1400/ week.

Maternity Nurse

A Maternity nurse will come into a family’s home from the birth day of the infant, A maternity nurse would usually work 3- 6 months in the family’s home and after that the family would get a nanny to take over after the maternity nurse however, some families may choose to keep their Maternity nurses for longer. A maternity nurse will teach and advise on newborn care and carry out duties related to the physical and emotional aspects of caring for a newborn infant.

A Maternity nurse Help to implement a routine to create healthy sleeping and eating habits and as feeding is important to both mother and baby, a maternity nurse can offer support to mothers who wish to breastfeed or bottle-feed.  She will advise and help with any issues relating to sleep regression, intolerances, reflux, colic, hygiene, nutrition and many more to make sure your child/children are reaching all their milestones to the best of their abilities.

A maternity nurse will usually work 12 hours/ 6 days a week or a family may prefer a night maternity nurse or both. A night nurse will work 12 hours (during the night) 6 days a week or 24/7 to a few hours a day depending on the family requirements. The expected salary for a Maternity nurse is from £200-£350/ day.

Duties of a maternity nurses include but are not limited to:

  • Educating parents on best practices
  • Provide advice on feeding
  • Help integrate baby into family 
  • Establishing healthy routines to ensure effective eating and sleeping
  • Implement a sleep routine 
  • Help with mothers rest and recovery
  • Providing all nursery duties (sterilizing bottles, laundry, tidying)
  • Maintaining the nursery
  • Practical help (feeding, winding, nappy changes, bathing etc)
  • Accompany parents to appointments (hospital, GP, baby activities)

SEN Educator/Nanny

A Special Educational Needs nanny does everything a nanny would do but they support the wellbeing of children with autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia, Tourette’s, speech delays, learning difficulties or behavioural management. A SEN nanny would usually hold a formal degree such as a SEN BA (Hons) ,  Occupational therapy, or equivalent.

SEN nannies can help develop specific needs your child might be struggling with whilst supporting their daily needs and acting as a nurturing and positive role model. Our SEN nannies are extremely professional and are highly trained individuals who know how to appropriately handle any situation and may be able to help with medical interventions, should your child need this.

A SEN nanny may work the same hours as a regular nanny depending on the family requirements and could be required to travel with he family. Salary for a SEN nanny is from £1000-£1400/week.


A Tutor is a private academic support usually provided by an expert teacher; someone with deep knowledge or defined expertise in a particular subject or set of subjects such as a specific Language, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Science and will provide tips on how your child learns best, studies best, and will prepare him/her for exams. Students are more motivated and engaged because your child and the tutor develop a positive, close learning relationship, which will assist your child to develop more confidence and ask questions about their learning. A tutor could also be beneficial to parents who want to learn a new language or business (Language) in a foreign language.

One-to-one tutoring allows your child to work on their weaknesses in private without distraction at their own pace. A Tutor Could come into your home to provide their services to you in the comfort of your home or you could meet in a Café or quiet space. A tutor would usually be from £15-£80/hour depending on experience and qualifications.