Why Us

We believe in results. 

We are very proud to say that all of our candidates are carefully selected and each and everyone have shown proven results in achieving extraordinary results in raising children, having an educationally and nurturing approach to each of our clients children, some of who are working for or have worked for direct Royalty such as Kings, Sultans, Sheikh, Family of direct Royalty, Presidents and of course many well-known celebrities.

We have Childcare Specialists who work with a broad spectrum of Child needs, Occupational therapists who work as Nannies as they provide therapeutic interventions that help develop fine motor skills, cognition, language skills and more.

SEN educators who work with a broad spectrum of Special needs education for children with Autism, High functioning Autism (Aspergers), Tourette’s and much more.

Our wonderful highly qualified and professional Childcare specialists are from all over the world, British, American, Russian, French, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic, USA, South Africa, Australia and NZ, we have placed Candidates in families all over the world namely UK, Russia, China, France, Spain, Hong Kong, Singapore, USA, UAE, Australia, Canada and Mexico.

We take security and Privacy very seriously , Our candidates are all thoroughly checked and made sure they all have an up to date DBS check, minimum of 5 references and a minimum of 3 years experience in Private households. All of our candidates are qualified and trained to a high standard and they all hold a first aid diploma.

We Run and check enhanced DBS checks (also any foreign police checks if required) and arrange and check Paediatric First Aid courses, We thoroughly check all references, a minimum of 5 references are required for each candidate. We support Parents throughout the entire employment process including contracts, salary negotiations and all the responsibilities required from parents and candidates.

Once the candidate has successfully passed our vetting process we will individually select the best suited candidate for your specific requirements we will then represent you with 3-5 high calibre applicants which will include a covering email outlining the candidates attributes, core experiences, qualifications, location, photograph,  soonest starting availability and when possible, include copies of written references and a short video highlighting their experiences.

Once you have chosen which candidate best suits you and your family we will arrange an interview at a time that suits you and the candidate through us between you and the candidate, this way we protect your privacy and that allows us to help with negotiations & offers. Once you have selected the candidate that best suits you, we will arrange a face to face interview and a trial period which could last anywhere from 2 days -1 week for permanent placements and 1-3 hours for Tutors.

Once you are satisfied and happy to offer a position to a candidate we will negotiate salary and contract terms and provide a bespoke employment contract (for a fee) and arrange for the contract of employment to be signed by both parties. We understand how busy our clients are and we aim to make the whole process as smooth and quick as possible, it always is.

The candidate will work on a probationary period for 6 months, after the 6 months the Client and Candidate will review their time together and both decide if they want to continue working together. In the very rare occasion, If the client or Candidate leaves within the first 6 months, we will provide the Client with 3 Free replacements within the first 6 months of the initial starting date.

Terms & Conditions

Our Fees

Royal House nannies Require a recruitment service fee paid to us within 7 days from the starting date of the employment contract.

Fees for long term childcare specialists (Governess/Governor/Travelling specialist/Tutor/Teacher/Nanny/Manny) is 15-17% of the candidates annual salary for the first year and 3-5% of their annual salary for the second year and thereafter its free for the same employee. In the very rare occasion, If the client or Candidate leaves within the first 6 months, we will provide the Client with 3 Free replacements within the first 3 months of the initial starting date.

Short Term employment fees are 20% for the candidates planned salary. Short term Contracts can be changed for long term contracts within 6 months from the starting date. When signing a contract for the recruitment of staff for a short term position, the replacement of a candidate is provided within the frame work and paid remuneration of the contract.

For temporary tutors there is a minimum fee of £35/week.

For trial days, if less than 5 days- £35/day. for more than 5 days 25% of the candidates total income.

Cancellation Policy

In the event of a lesson cancellation, the employee must be notified 48hours in advance and failure to notify the employee will result in a 50% payment to the employee.